The Supply Chain Cooperation Conference of CRRC MNG was held.

02 April 2021

The Supply Chain Conference was organized by CRRC-MNG Rail System Vehicles and held on March 30, 2021 at the Ankara Hilton Hotel.

At the event; After presentations of CRRC Group, CRRC ZELC, and CRRC-MNG, the signing ceremony of the first localization agreements for air conditioning production within the scope of İstanbul Airport Metro Project was held with the participation of Eltesan-Starcool companies Chairman of the Board Mr, Mehmet Meral.

After the conference, the authorities of CRRC-MNG, General Manager Mr. Li Yangyang,  Ass. General Manager Mr. Osman Balkan, Ass. General Manager Mr. Yıldırım Çitli and Board Chairman Mr. Mehmet Meral, Factory Manager Mr. Akın Çankaya and Project Executive Mr. Ufuk Aydın came together.

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